Checklist Part 3 – The Going Ahead

News at Dafydd Hardy Students | 16/11/2022

This is the most important stage during your journey. This is where the legal stuff all becomes real and once signed, you’ll face several complications if you change your mind.

With that said, if your still not 100% about your decision at this stage, it’s not too late to back out. Even if it’s to take some more time to think about it. It’s better to do that than face issues later on. 

Put your name(s) forwards
When you all feel ready, contact your agent to officially begin the process of securing your property.

Read the contract
With every contract come terms, and many people scan past it to avoid reading lengthy documents. We understand it is time consuming and boring, but it is so important you know exactly what you are signing for. Any special terms will have been made clear to you before this stage, but make sure there are no surprises by thoroughly reading it. If you’re not sure on anything, ask your agent/landlord and even ask for a copy of the contract for a family member to read.

Really read the contract
Read the above again!

Check the certificates
You are entitled to a copy of all certificates for a property (gas, electric, PAT & fire) upon your move in on the property but ask to see them before hand if it makes you feel more comfortable. If a property is empty during your viewing, the certificates may be out of date but will be done prior to your move in.

Is your deposit protected
All agents/landlords have a duty to protect your deposit. You should be informed on where your deposit will be held with a document names “prescribed information.”

Only sign once happy
When your absolutely certain you’ve covered everything, you need to, its time to sign the contract. You can relax and look forward to your next chapter at uni. Happy days!

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