Checklist Part 1 – The House Hunting

News at Dafydd Hardy Students | 16/11/2022

Searching for your student home with your new friends is an exciting part of being at uni. You’ve suddenly become independent and are getting to make a lot of big decisions on your own.

Like anything in life, its important to consider multiple factors when signing a legally binding contract, so you need to make absolutely sure that you get it right!

Here are some of our checklist advice for your house hunting journey (part 1).

Do you have the right group?
You’ve moved away from home and living in halls for your first year, you make tones of new friends, and you’re all thinking how fun it would be living together for the next academic year. Most of the time this is the case, but over the years we’ve seen so many groups fall out quickly after moving in together. So, its super important to consider who you’re agreeing to live. Do they have the same living habits as you? Are they a party animal and you more of a chilled night in kind of person? Your contract is legally binding and will have its complications if withdrawing from it.

What area do you want to live in?
Really think about where you want to be in Bangor. Take some time to walk around if you’re not sure. Think about convenience, how far away from the supermarket and your lecture halls are you? Do you and your friends have different lecture halls? Do you have a car? Although everywhere in Bangor is fairly close to each other, walking home with your food shop is never fun!

What rent can you afford?
Welcome to the world of bills! This is the downside to adulting and the reality of not forecasting your finances properly can mean being constantly chased for unpaid bills. None of us want that, so make sure you sit down and understand how much money you will have monthly against what outgoings you will have. Remember not all properties include bills.

What features do you need?
If it is your first time letting a student house, your more than likely used to living in student halls, meaning you’ve had your own bathroom. Depending how many of you are in your group, do you need a second or even third bathroom? Does one of you have a car and therefore preferably need a drive?

Research what’s available & book a viewing
Take advantage of the virtual viewing tool on our website and become familiar with what we have to offer. Register your details with us and be kept in the loop with any new properties that match your criteria.

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