Checklist Part 2 – The Viewings

News at Dafydd Hardy Students | 16/11/2022

Viewing properties is always a fun thing to do, but often when we are distracted by nice properties and the excitement that comes with it that we oversee the little details of a property that might cause you problems.

Typically, with student properties, the initial viewing is the only time you see the property until you move in in which can sometimes be 10 months later.

Here are things to look out for when on a viewing.

What is the area like?
Although it sounds like a great idea living close to your lecture buildings or living close to the bars so you don’t have to worry about finding your way home after a night out. But are all of your lectures going to be in the same building and the nightlife sound when your not out can be bit of a nuisance, especially come revision periods.

Does the house size work?
Most student properties are fairly spacious and accommodate for the number of people it houses. However, some rooms may be smaller than others so it would be best to look at the size of your room and whether it is enough space for you. Remember, you will spend a lot of time there and ensuring it’s a good relaxing and study space for you is very important.  

Does the layout work?
You’ll often find with student properties that there are 3 floors, with bedrooms or kitchens and bathrooms being based below ground floor. It may not be an issue for most, but its better to be sure that the trek up and down a few flights of stairs is manageable.

Talk to the current tenants
Who best to get advice on the property than the current tenants. Get a feel for what its like to live in the property first hand.

Is it well maintained?
Look of for signs of damage to the property. Its more than likely that any issues or damages are under control but ask your viewer if you have any concerns.

Discuss it afterwards
Make sure your all-in agreement before taking the property. Discuss who will take which room so there are no disagreements when it comes to moving in.

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