Parents & Guardians

student rentals in bangorWe understand the ups and downs of letting properties to groups of young people, and the concerns you may have in being asked to guarantee them and their friends. This is understandable and we're here to answer any questions you might have.  You can find a full description, location map, pictures, energy perfomance certificate and other details of any property right here on the site.


Under the terms of a joint tenancy agreement, all tenants are jointly and legally responsible for the property, rent and any bills.  If a student leaves the property during the fixed term they are still legally a tenant.  If a tenant wishes to end their tenancy early, we ask the landlord what options are available.  Often they will give the remaining students the opportunity to find a replacement, as well as advertising the room ourselves, to secure a replacement tenant.   The tenant who has left will be responsible for paying their rent until such time that we can end their part of the agreement.  Legally all tenants are responsible for ensuring the full rent is paid, should a tenant fail to pay, then the remaining tenants would also be responsible.  We appreciate that this may seem off-putting to guarantors, however from past experience the matter has always been resolved before this becomes necessary. 

Should a tenant withdraw due to medical reasons or as a result of failing their course, we will ask the landlord to release the tenant from their tenancy due to factors beyond their control. However, the decision is utlimatly theirs and we can only act on their instructions.

Please note that is standard procedure in student lettings across the UK and is not specific to Dafydd Hardy.  Our Student Department manage many of the properties on behalf of the landlord, so any queries the tenants or guarantors have throughout the term will be dealt with by us.  Please rest assured that we will endeavour to assist should any tenants withdraw or fall into rent arrears.