News at Dafydd Hardy Students | 09/11/2021

You’ve probably spoken to someone recently who has already secured, or at least searching for their 2022/23 student house. We know what your thinking…you’ve only just moved in!! This has likely left you questioning when is the right time is to secure your next accommodation? Why do people across the university cities of the UK rush to secure accommodation in November?

The truth is, there is no right time. It is down to preference and what works best for you. You will find all our properties are now available to find online, but sometimes new properties come up later in the year. Although each year the majority of properties are taken in November, there is no need to rush. There are plenty of houses to choose from with a range of styles, prices and sizes. So don’t feel under any pressure to get it done sooner than you feel comfortable with.

Remember: Housemates are for many months, not just for Christmas.

Many students quickly form friendships during their first year of university and decide that they want to live with them during the next academic year. Although that can seem exciting, you must consider whether you can actually live with them! Do they match your standard of living, cleaning fall outs are very common! We are all different! Are they a party animal and you’re an earlier nightery, do they love loud music and you like a relaxing bath, have they never used a hoover and you’ve got the latest Dyson? After you have signed a contract, withdrawing from it has its complications and most likely unnecessary stress. Getting the right group and house is key, here are some top tips!

1.      Do your Research
Take this time to become familiar with your contracts and what you are getting yourself into. Make sure you have discussed this with your chosen guarantor and they also know what is involved. This is super important! Our team are always at hand if you have any queries or the Student Housing team at Bangor University.

2.      Don’t Rush!
We sometimes see housemates falling out and wanting to withdraw from their tenancy. Spend time to really get to know any potential housemates and make sure you can comfortably live with them, or if you even want to live with anyone at all. A lot of fallings out are because of mess!

3.      Choose the Right Location
Spend some time walking around Bangor and get an idea of where you want to live. Can you roll out of bed and be in your lecture hall? It’s better to get it right now and not on your first walk back from the supermarket with your shopping!

4.      Understand Expenses
Adult life means a welcome to the world of bills! It’s always better to avoid being chased for arrears or incurring late charges by understanding what you have to pay and when. Be aware that some properties do not include bills, do your sums and see if those properties are affordable. The rent might be cheaper but does it stack up when you factor in all your costs, not forgetting internet!

5.      Familiarise Yourself With the Market
Take advantage of the virtual viewing tool on our website and become familiar with what we have to offer. Keep an eye out for any new properties that get uploaded and get in touch to book a viewing once you’re ready.

If you would like to discuss anything further with our team, find our contact details below.
01248 35 35 44