Getting Motivated for the New Semester

News at Dafydd Hardy Students | 25/01/2022

When you’re away at uni, it’s easy to forget about taking care of yourself physically and mentally, especially during the difficult times we are still living in. Now more than ever, society is more conscious about prioritising themselves and putting their wellbeing first. Although it may be easy to slip in and out of doing so, especially after the Christmas break where we all get a little out of routine, here are some tips to help get you back motivated and ready to take on 2022.

Create a Schedule
Sure, you will already have a schedule for your lectures and exams but create one for everything outside of that. It is important not to let revision take over your mind and take time for yourself. Writing down a date and time for when you will take a walk, socialise with your friends, read, or even do the food shop. Doing this will help you prioritise and manage your available time better whilst helping you achieve your goals day by day, week by week, month by month. If it’s not in your diary then it won’t get done. 

Get Organised
There is no better feeling than being organised. Being on top of your life admin, organising all your paperwork that’s been piling up for months, even tidying up your desktop can all contribute to giving you a clear mind. Ensuring your work/study space is free from any mess will allow you to visualize better and reduce stress. Clear desk, clear mind.  

Make Revision Fun
The thought of sitting down and revising for hours on end can be super daunting and is something that most of us will put off until the very last minute. Procrastination as its finest. But it doesn’t have to be as boring as it may sound. There are many different styles in which revision can be done and detecting which technique you learn best in is key. We’re all different.  Make it colourful and make it memorable, some may prefer flash cards, others brainstorm charts, whilst many learn better by simply reading. Most importantly don’t turn into a revision zombie and remember to reward your revision.

Prioritise You
As mentioned in our first point, prioritising yourself and not allowing the pressures of university control or take over your life is so important. Exercising daily not only has incredible health benefits but will also help improve your mood whilst helping lower any anxiety you may be felling. Pop in your headphones and listen to a podcast or your favourite music whilst taking a short walk, exercise doesn’t always have to be as intense as taking a spin class. Make sure your eating nutritious meals and drinking enough water. It’s easy to get caught out eating badly because who wants to have the responsibility of deciding what to cook 3 times a day 7 days a week. BUT, as hard as it is, what you put in your body always reflects on what comes out, and we don’t mean physically, but mentally. Eating well will have a positive effect on your mood.

Make plans with your friends. Whether it’s to enjoy a night out or a chilled night in, make time for each other. You’re all in the same boat likely to be experiencing all the same emotions of exam time or being at uni in general, so chat about it. You’ll be surprised at how good it feels to speak about it to people who can relate.  

​​Time Out From Social Media
Social media is renowned for giving others unrealistic expectations and it’s no different when it comes to the pressures of university. If you’re having a bad day, you don’t want to be comparing yourself to fellow classmates on how far along they are with assignments or how much revision time they are putting in. Take some time out to focus your energy on you.