Get your house Winter Ready!

News at Dafydd Hardy Students | 14/12/2023

If its your first year living in your own home, you’re probably wondering what getting it winter ready means right? Like most students, your and your housemates are likely returning to your family home for the Christmas break meaning that your rented accommodation will be empty for around 3 weeks. Did you know it is at risk of potential issues related freezing temperatures, moisture, and security during this time?

Don’t worry, we have put together a short guide to help you protect your property from such issues on your return.

Secure Your House         
Kind of an obvious one but can easily go missed if you’re trying to leave in a hurry or assume someone else in your household is doing it. Ensure that ALL doors and windows are locked in the property, and you take any valuables you have with you. Whilst the crime rate is low in Bangor, thieves are aware that student houses are often empty during this period, making them a perfect target.

Unplug Electronics
Go around the property and unplug all of your electronic devices from the socket EXCEPT from your fridge freezer (you really don’t want to do that). This will help reduce your electric bill as well as the risk of a fire.

Avoid a Burst / Frozen Pipe
Properties that are empty for long periods of time throughout the winter are at risk of their pipes bursting due to water sitting in their pipes and freezing, subsequently causing the rupture.

There is a few different options that you can take to avoid this.

1.      Depending how long you are away for you could leave your heating on low, around 12°c to keep the pipes relatively warm.

2.      Set a timer on your heating system to come on when temperatures tend to be at its lowest. A hour first think in the morning and another hour late at night.

3.      Draining down the plumbing and heating system can help reduce the risk as there is no water in the pipes to freeze. However it is still risky as there is no guarantee that there is no trapped water left in the system.

This is not a necessity, but you will be thankful on your return that you freshened the house up a little. Give it a quick hoover and dust, clean the bathroom(s) and change your bedsheets. Ensure you dispose of any perishable food items to prevent unpleasant smells and pests and take all bins out.

If you are unsure about anything or have already left your property for the Christmas break, feel free to contact our student department to assist you.
Telephone – 01248 35 35 44
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