Checklist Pt 3 - The Going Ahead

News at Dafydd Hardy Students | 07/12/2023

Securing a student house with friends can be an incredibly rewarding experience, providing you with the opportunity to live independently, save money, and build strong bonds, however this stage (The going ahead stage) is the most important part.

If you’ve read our last two checklists, you’ll know that there is so much to consider when securing a student property with your friends. At this stage, the legal some all comes in and contracts are signed.

Although we stress that you should only sign a contract when you are 100% sure that you are confident and happy to avoid withdrawal complications, if you have doubts, you can back out right up until the moment you are about to sign.

When you all feel ready and are all happy that you understand and want to commit to a particular property, you can officially begin the process of securing your property. Contact your agent and fill out your applications.

Shortly after you will receive your contracts. We know its lengthy, but it is crucial that you read the document thoroughly and know exactly what is expected in terms of payments, conditions, or any special terms. You don’t want to face any surprises through your term and if your unsure, make sure to ask your agent.

All of the above, AGAIN!

Again, once you are completely certain you want to go ahead, its time to sign. You will then be legally bound into your contract and can relax and look forward to your next chapter at uni!