Checklist Pt 2 - The Viewings

News at Dafydd Hardy Students | 30/11/2023

The excitement of finding a property with your friends for the first time can often overshadow the importance of getting the right property for you.

It is crucial that you consider and think about how a particular property will work for you for a whole academic year. Usually, the first time you view a student property is the last time you will see it until you move in, depending on how early you secure it.

Here are the top things to look out for whilst on a viewing.

Location: Consider how close the accommodation is to your lecture buildings and shops. Whilst most places in Bangor are close to each other, you don't want to spend too much time walking from one end to the other each day, especially when you’ve done your weekly food shop. Take a look what is around the property, are you in close proximity to any bars or pubs that are going to cause too much noise for you?

Condition: Check for any signs of damage or disrepair during your viewing. The likelihood is that any issues are under control but its worth asking your viewer if you have any concerns.

Size: Is the house big enough for you and your group of friends? Are there enough bathrooms? Depending on the size of your group, student houses can often be over 3 floors with unusual layouts. Is your bedroom on the top floor and the bathroom on the lower floor? Do you require an en-suite or prefer to fight with 4 of your mates over the bathroom in the mornings? Is your bedroom big enough for you, remember, you will be spending a lot of time there.

Agreement: make sure that you and your group discuss the properties you have viewed in depth after. You ALL need to be in agreement that you want the same one and ensure that bedrooms are decided on before you sign to avoid any disagreements in the future.

It is important to do your research and visit a number of properties before making a decision and if you’re unsure of anything you can always speak to the current tenants during your viewings to get first hand advice from a particular property.