Checklist Pt 1 - The House Hunting

News at Dafydd Hardy Students | 21/11/2023

Renting a student house is an exciting but important decision that requires careful consideration. Here are several factors to keep in mind when looking for a student house to rent:

Proximity to University: Consider the distance between the house and your university. A location close to campus can save you time and transportation costs.

Amenities and Services: Check if the house is conveniently located near grocery stores, public transportation, and other essential services that work for all of you (if you have housemates). Although everything in Bangor is within a close radius, it is never fun to walk home with multiple shopping bags!

Rent and Utilities: Establish a clear budget for rent and utilities. Ensure that you consider all costs, including internet, electricity, gas, and water bills if it is excluded from your rent payment.

Affordability: Be realistic about what you can afford. Remember to leave room in your budget for living expenses, food, and leisure activities. Welcome to the world of adulting!

Number of Bedrooms: Consider how many bedrooms you need and if you'll be sharing with others. Some students prefer a quieter environment, while others thrive in larger households.

Common Areas: Evaluate the size and condition of common areas like the kitchen, living room, and bathrooms. If you’ve come straight from halls, chances are that you have had your own bathroom for the last year, do you want this again or are you happy to share one bathroom between a few of you?

This is probably one of the most important. Sometimes students overlook the fact that getting a house with your mates is a legal contract and once you sign a contract, it’s not easy to get out of it.  

If you have decided to live with one or more people, ensure you have thoroughly thought through whether your living habits and personalities match and work well together. You don’t want to be a quiet night in kind of person whilst the other 4 hours mates are party animals.

We have seen many cases where individuals realise early on into the tenancy that they don’t want to live with the people they have chosen.

Taking the time to thoroughly research and consider these factors will help you find a student house that meets your needs and provides a comfortable and conducive living environment during your studies.