Checklist: Moving Out of your Student House

News at Dafydd Hardy Students | 24/05/2023

With the end of student tenancies right around the corner, you may be feeling a little unsure of what it is you need to do prior to your move out. Preparing your student house for a sign out consists of several steps to help ensure a smooth transition back to the landlord as well as avoiding any deductions from your deposit.

Here are 6 simple steps we advise our student tenants to take.

Thoroughly clean the entire property, including all rooms, kitchen appliances, bathrooms, and common areas. Pay special attention to areas that tend to accumulate dirt, such as behind furniture, inside kitchen cabinets, and under appliances. Any rubbish bags that cannot fit into your black bins/recycling bins will also need to be removed from the property. If you share the property with other, you are individually responsible for your bedrooms but jointly for the communal areas. Ensure you are all clear on this and arrange to clean these areas together.

Remove Personal Belongings
Ensure that all your personal belongings are packed and removed from the property. Don't forget to check cupboards and storage areas to ensure nothing is left behind.

Repair Damages
Assess the condition of the property and identify any damages caused during your tenancy. Repair or replace any broken items, such as windows, doors, locks, light fixtures, or furniture, if required. Patch up any holes or marks on walls and repaint if necessary. You can use your inventory handed to you by your agent/landlord at the beginning of your tenancy to compare.

Take Photos

Once your confident the property has been cleaned to an acceptable standard and you have removed all belongings, take photos for your own records. These can serve as evidence of the property's condition should any disputes arise later.

Close Utility Accounts
If you pay your utilities directly to the supplier, make sure that you inform them of your move out date and close your account whilst providing them with your forwarding address. Whilst most tenancies are likely to have bills included, we always advise that you take photos of your gas and electric meter proper to leaving.  


Return your keys to your agent/landlord in an envelope with your name and room number on the front. Include in the envelope your forwarding address and if you have any outstanding payments, ensure to settle this before your departure.

If you are unsure of anything relating to the process, be sure to contact your landlord directly if managed by them, or your agent for assistance.