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Application Process


Student Application Process
Many thanks for choosing Dafydd Hardy Students to look after your Accommodation needs, we want you to be fully aware of the process for applying for a property and the fees that will be paid before signing the ‘The Assured Shorthold Tenancy Agreement’ (Contracts).

Application Form
You will fill out an application form when you have decided which property to take. Once this application form has been filled out fully we will hold the property for 3 days, upon which we will need to receive your ‘Non-Refundable Holding Fee’.

Non-Refundable Holding Fee

Paying the ‘Non-Refundable Holding Fee’ of £150 per applicant will secure the property for you. The amount of £150 is due as long as the applicant has a UK based guarantor (Someone that can vouch and cover your rental amount if you were to fall behind on your rent) If however, a UK guarantor is not available or if you are an overseas student then the equivalent of one full month’s rent plus £150 will be required. This ‘Non-Refundable Holding Fee’ is non-refundable once the amount has been paid.
The ‘Non-Refundable Holding Fee’ then becomes your Deposit once all applicants have signed the ‘Assured Shorthold Tenancy Agreement’ (Contract) and will be held by the DPS for the duration of the tenancy.

Contracts/Guarantor Agreements
Once we have received each applicants Non-Refundable Holding Fee we will draw up the contracts and send out copies of the contract to your Guarantors for them to keep for their reference. We will also send copies of the Guarantor Agreement to the relevant guarantors for them to sign and return to us. Guarantors have a 14 day cooling off period in which they can decide not to be a guarantor.
Once we have received signed copies of each Guarantor Agreement, your group can come in and sign contracts. On signing applicants need to pay £75.00 Completion Fee, this is our fee for drawing up contracts and carrying out relevant administration checks.
You will need to bring your Student ID Cards, and Visa’s if you are an international student. We ask you to sign 3 copies, one for you which you will receive in your move in pack, one for the landlords and one for us.

Deposits/Prescribed Information
After all contracts have been signed we will then register the deposits (previously the ‘Non Refundable Holding Fee’) We register all of our deposits with the DPS (Deposit Protection Scheme); this is a third party deposit scheme, so neither ourselves or the landlord have access to this. All students are able to claim this back at the end of the tenancy, we just ask that the house is left as it was at the start of tenancy.
You will receive a confirmation e-mail from the DPS once the deposit has been registered, which will have two ID numbers – you will need to keep safe in order to claim the deposit back at the end of the tenancy.
On signing the contracts you will also need to fill out the Prescribed Information document. This is a legally required document relating to the deposit scheme.

Student Fees 2016/2016

Description Amount £ Per Person Paid by Date
Non Refundable
Holding Fee

£150 or One Month Rent + £150 if International Student or No Guarantor

On securing the property
Completion Fee £75.00 On Signing Contracts

Half Rent July/August

+ September Full Rent

2 x Monthly Rental Amount By the 18th April
1st Rent Instalment
(Oct, Nov, Dec)
3 x Monthly Rental Amount 1st October
2nd Rent Instalment
(Jan, Feb, Mar)
3 x Monthly Rental Amount 1st February
3rd Rent Instalment
(Apr, May, June)
3 x Monthly Rental Amount 1st May